Art at Work

I've worked marketing Silicon Valley tech companies through periods of hyper-mania, depression and cautious optimism. As a marcom consultant I've had the opportunity to experience many corporate environments. I can gauge the "buzz" of a company as soon as I walk through the door. Does a place suck the air straight from my lungs or do I feel inspired? Do I feel like I die a little bit when I picture myself working there?

Art is a core differentiator when it comes to "atmospheric buzz." Perhaps the art infuses the environment, and/or perhaps an executive leader who values great art and the vibrancy is represents is going to have a more dynamic organization. I don't know. I do know that great art transforms a space and brings ideas and energy to the places we work.
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Anonymous ArtLook said...

Well said Tracy! And I see you did alittle redesigning here too :)

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