Secrets of the World’s Greatest Communicators

Carmine Gallo is a former broadcast journalist turned professional media trainer and author of the book, 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Communicators.

Gallo studies the most influential speakers of our day to discover those qualities that not only inspire us, but move us to action. He looks for that elusive IT factor. Spanish speakers call it “duende” the creative dark spark, the French refer to it as, I don’t know what.

In short, speakers that inspire us embody a gestalt or a sum of these parts rather than any single trait.

I saw Gallo speak recently and he empowered his audience, whch I think is a key trademark of any great speaker. His speech in fact motivated me enough to write this down and send it to a bunch of people and now I'm posting it here. Here’s a brief overview of his findings:

Foremost, great speakers exude genuine passion. Make sure what comes out of your mouth is aligned with your head and your heart

Create a vision. It’s never about the product. It’s about what we can be, what the world can be.

Use stories and personal anecdotes

Constant reinvention. Keep it fresh. Keep looking for new ideas and inspiration.

Grab them with a strong first impression

Eliminate jargon at all costs. Keep your language clear and concise. If you can say it in three words instead of four, use three. If you can say it in two syllables instead of three, use two.

Keep your body language open

Use dynamic hand gestures. According to Gallo, studies show complex thinkers use complex gestures

Vary the inflection and pace of your delivery. Pause for dramatic suspense.

Maintain constant eye contact with your audience

Give your audience a break. Break up dense presentations with visuals, music or other activities. All 60 minute segments are less than 18 minutes long. Studies show we reach a saturation point after 18 minutes. If you’re holding a day long workshop chunk info into segments.

Dress your best in a way that’s appropriate for your audience

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

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Anonymous Atul said...

Nice blog. I found you on 25peeps. (I was on there last week for 3 or 4 days). It was fun. As for you post, it's much better than the Management Presentations class I took at Michigan while I was doing my MBA.

Take care,
"Things I've Noticed"

10:10 PM  

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